For as long as I can remember, finding joy in aiding others has been a source of fulfillment for me. This journey led me to volunteer for an Israeli association, where my role included sorting donated clothes. The sheer volume of contributions was staggering, with some items succumbing to wear while awaiting sorting, heading straight to recycling. Unfortunately, a significant portion never reached donation or sale due to the overwhelming influx.

Hearing similar challenges from friends volunteering across the country, it became evident that associations everywhere faced the same dilemma – an inundation of clothes that exceeded their capacity to find new homes. Recognizing the pressing need for financial support in these communities, I envisioned a platform to ensure donated clothes genuinely find new owners, thus contributing to environmental sustainability and community welfare.

The fashion industry, today, ranks as the second most environmentally impactful sector globally. The prevailing culture of rapid consumption leaves many with surplus clothing that can find purpose elsewhere. Opting for reuse over recycling aligns with our ethos, making 'second-hand' the most sustainable choice.

Our mission is rooted in the desire to assist. If you or someone you know requires clothing or support, please reach out to us. We are committed to exploring every avenue to extend a helping hand.